Vaultt for Home Care Agencies

Built by caregivers, for caregivers

Learn how Vaultt can help Home Care Agencies.

Built for caregivers by caregivers. Vaultt’s mission is to provide a patient and family centric digital solution for encrypted communication between Home Care Agencies and clients/families.

It’s time to stop the document hunting and simplify patient information intake.

Over deliver to your customers with clear and easy communication through a Vaultt family portal. 

Say goodbye to the paper piles and hello to a simple and collaborative tool that will add value to your customers and save your agency precious time and money so that you can focus on providing great care while having everything you need at your fingertips.

Vaultt Connects the Circle of Care

Intake Wizard for Home Care Agencies

The Vaultt Intake Wizard reduces the amount of time your staff spend in person, on the phone and over email collecting information and documentation, creating a seamless onboarding environment and saving your agency time and money.

Share Updates

Share instant care updates, legal and medical documentation, billing and schedules – all done securely. 

Care Passport

The Care Passport allows the caregiver or the patient or family to instantly send essential medical and care information to emergency or critical care intake, improving patient care and outcome. 

End-to-end Encryption

A fully encrypted environment protects users’ sensitive data, keeping your agency compliant. 

Upload and Scan

Customers can easily upload and scan documents you need directly within the Vaultt Family Portal.

It takes a village to provide quality care.

Make Vaultt part of that village!

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