Vaultt is a secure health-focused information management and communication platform built by people that understand the stress of chronic illness, life and caregiving today. 


The Vaultt Story

Vaultt founder and CEO, Audrey Bond was caring for both her disabled aging parents, her mother a paraplegic and her father with dementia. She was extremely stressed trying to manage their vital personal and health information, appointments, prescriptions and everything else involved in their care. She also needed to collaborate and share everything with her brother. Things were not well organized, she was caught in a digital world trying to organize, manage and share a pile of paperwork. The Power of Attorney form was in a folder in the office, and paperwork for taxes, insurance, medical requisitions, were in different locations and not shareable. She didn’t have an up-to-date list of prescriptions her parents were on or were supposed to be on.

Trying to task family members and caregivers to attend medical appointments and report the feedback was a challenge enough. Being able to have that information digitized, easily accessible a shareable was impossible. There was no secure solution.

Realizing that these problems were universal, she decided to build the tool that she and so many others needed.

Vaultt was born.

Her mission is to help as many patients, families and caregivers as possible stay organized and connected, alleviate stress and give people back control of their data by building an end-to-end encrypted organizational platform for families and caregivers.

Audrey Bond

Founder & CEO