Vaultt is Secure by Design

You can rest assured knowing that everything in your Vaultt is protected!

We’ve got your back!

Learn how Vaultt encrypts your data, protects your privacy,
and safeguards your information.

Vaultt security begins with your Master Password. It’s used to encrypt your data, so only you can read it. It’s also used to decrypt your data when you need it. Vaultt does not have access to your Master Password which means that you’re the only person who can unlock your Vaultt and access your information. Vaultt allows for information sharing and collaboration. You can invite others to access and share information and they will create and use their own Master Password. You can give invited users access to certain areas and not others, and you can change this at any time meaning you are always in control of who sees what.

Your private information is yours. We can’t access and don’t sell it or give it away.

Here’s how Vaultt secures your information:

User Encryption Keys

Your data is locked with your own personal encryption keys. We don’t store your keys or password anywhere in our system, so we literally can’t access your data.

End-to-end Encryption

Your data is encrypted on your device, and transmitted to our servers in its encrypted form, for safe storage. When you access your data, we return it in its encrypted format, to be decrypted on your device so that only you, and your trusted Vaultt members, can read it.

Layered Encryption

We encrypt your data using multiple layers of encryption, including:

  • Symmetric-key encryption to resist attacks while allowing fast access
  • Public-key encryption to enable sharing with other Vaultt members
  • TLS for secure transport of your data
  • Server-side encryption for additional security while data is at rest

Permission Settings

YOU always control your data, grant permission to “edit” or “read only” to family or to your trusted advisors. You can always see who has access to your Vaultt and revoke permissions at any time.

Secure Cloud

Our infrastructure is entirely cloud based, with servers located in Canada. We employ cloud-based intrusion and threat detection, as well as access restrictions at every level.

Multi-Factor Authentication

We use multi-factor authentication when you create your account, log in from a new device or if activity is different than usual. We want to make sure it’s always you.

Trusted Encryption Algorithms

Vaultt uses FIPS 140-2 certified encryption algorithms to keep information secure, and our architecture is designed with cryptographic agility in mind, to allow adaptation to new security protocols.

Security Audits

We never assume our security features are enough. We have 3rd parties conduct security audits of our system and regularly implement improvements.

Disaster resilience

Your data is backed up on multiple servers in case of power outages or other disasters.

We’ve got your Back!

Global Privacy Standards

At Vaultt, we believe in data privacy. Our systems are ready for compliance with global standards.

PIPEDA: Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada)

You have the right of privacy regarding your personal information. You control what information is collected, shared and disclosed with your invited users, family and trusted advisors. 

HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (USA)

All information stored in your Vaultt is protected at all times. It is encrypted while in transit, it remains encrypted while stored in our Systems and it is only accessible by you and those that you have authorized.

GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation (EU)

You have the right to know at all times what personal information is stored at Vaultt, access the information and provide consent to Vaultt to store your information.