Improve Patient Engagement & Gather Insights

Helping pharmaceutical manufacturers by providing compliant patient owned and controlled Real World Data.



Digital Solutions to Optimize Patient Engagement


Vaultt’s patent-pending technology solutions allow for patient-centric engagement using digital tools that optimize your current operations.

Digital enrolment, secure messaging and educational resources provide better service, communications and care for your patients 24/7.

Collect Real World Data


Vaultt’s in-app surveys allow for the real-time collection of Patient Reported Outcomes related to any number of outcomes or Quality of Life measures, directly from patients and caregivers in their real world environment. Surveys can be customized and data collected periodically and automatically without the need for phone calls, paper forms or in-person visits.

Market Access


Vaultt engages patient feedback and Real World Data reports to help you communicate outcomes with payers and governments. Vaultt helps to accumulate payer-relevant evidence in order to proactively address the efficacy-to-evidence gap for market access decisions, and develop a strong value proposition for novel or established treatments.

Care Plan Adherence


Vaultt’s powerful platform supports patients and their families in managing the most complex chronic conditions. Our secure and comprehensive information management and storage platform helps to improve patient adherence. Studies show that patients who are engaged in their care plans are more likely to adhere to those treatment plans.


Reduce Burden on Patients & CRO Staff


Paper-based methods to share and collect data are inefficient and are a burden to both patients and Contract Research Organization Staff. Vaultt’s digitized solution streamlines the process. 

Share insights with Health Care Professionals


Engage your Health Care Professional audience with patient specific insights gleaned from the collected data, continually honing your messaging.

Secure by Design

It’s more than accessible data, it’s about security & privacy.

Vaultt web and mobile apps are secure by design with true end-to-end encryption to protect users’ sensitive personal data. 

End-to-End Encryption

Data encryption & decryption occur on the user’s side and the server side meaning only the user and invited members can access the data.

Privacy & Security

This higher level of security assures total privacy and protection, exceeding the security of today’s standard banking mobile apps.

Hybrid Cryptography

Vaultt employs layered asymmetric and symmetric encryption – ensuring the ultimate in speed and data protection.

Secure Data-Exchange

Patients control data access and exchange with reversible proxy sharing. The data is pseudomized or anonymized for pharma partners.

At Boehringer Ingelheim Canada, we believe innovative technologies can offer better healthcare for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis/Progressive FibrosingInterstitial Lung Disease patients. These patients are at an increased risk of an emergency due to COVID-19 from pre-existing respiratory symptoms. Enabling patients and their caregivers’ quick access to personal and up to date health information is important to ensure the best health outcome.

Annie B.

Executive Director Patient Access, Health Economics & Outcomes Research, HealthCare Solutions., Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd.

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