Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.


How can I buy Vaultt?

Vaultt is a subscription-based platform currently available for iPhone users on the Apple App Store. 

Can I use it online website?

Not yet, but it’s in development and coming very soon!

Where is Vaultt headquartered?

Vaultt is proud to be built and operated in Canada.  Our world-class technology was built in Ottawa, the Nation’s Capital.

Is my personal data safe?

Privacy and data security are our core values and is what sets us apart from most organizational apps. Vaultt is secure by design. We don’t mine your data, we don’t sell your data, we don’t use ads. We use a hybrid of AES 256 symmetric and RSA asymmetric cryptography ensuring your data is totally secure and only you and others you appoint can access it. In addition, the cryptographic algorithms we use for end-to-end encryption are FIPS 140-2 certified. We’ve got you covered!

Can I add family members?

Yes! Vaultt is meant to be a collaborative tool for your family. It’s very easy.  You can add as many members or collaborators as you wish to your Vaultt.  They do not need a subscription if they are only accessing yours but if they create their own Vaultt subscription, they will be able to very easily toggle between Vaultts. Please see the User Guide for more detailed directions.

Can I choose what family members in my Vaultt can see?

One of the great features of Vaultt is the ability to choose what your invited users can access. You can allow a co-parent to access only your children’s information or a sibling access to only your aging parent’s information. You can allow a spouse full access and the nanny or baby-sitter limited access. All of this is easily done under the user’s profile. Please see the User Guide for more detailed directions.

I have so many important paper documents I want to organize and store. How can I do this?

We are so pleased to have an incredible built-in scanner. If you have paper documents, it’s quick and easy to digitize and organize using Vaultt’s scanner. Please see the User Guide for more detailed directions.

Why would I want to upgrade to unlimited Vaultts?

All families, lives and responsibilities are different.  For most people, a single Vaultt subscription is all they need to organize their life. It’s the perfect place to organize information for your immediate family, house, pet, car etc. Some families are a bit more complicated, for example they manage the information for aging parents or other relatives. They might find it easier to place this information in a separate Vaultt.  Some people have a number of properties, or multiple cars – multiple Vaultts makes it easy to organize. Don’t worry, it’s easy to click and toggle between your Vaultts. We suggest you just get the single Vaultt subscription to start. Once you’re familiar with the platform, you’ll know excatly what you need.