Vaultt is your
all-in-one caregiver management tool.

Stay Informed.

Stay Connected.

Stay Secure.

Helping families & caregivers stay organized, informed & connected.

Vaultt is a secure information management and communication platform that helps families and caregivers store, organize and share important information easily and securely.

For people taking care of people, Vaultt is the all-in-one organizational app they need to help keep on top of everything.

Access important information
when & where you need it.


How easily can you access and share:

  • Your passport number?
  • Your kids’ health card number?
  • Power of Attorney documents?
  • Wills?
  • Vaccination records?

How easily can you access and share:

  • Health, wellness or care updates for aging parents
  • Important schedules 
  • Important tasks (like medical appointments)

Vaultt will help get you

and your family organized.

What is Vaultt?

Vaultt provides on-demand access to critical information, documentation, schedules and tasks that can be shared between caregivers and family members.

Information Storage

Create & customize “vaultts” to store & share important information with family members, caregivers and trusted professionals.
Confidently store sensitive information knowing your information is encrypted and safe.

Family Calendar

Organize & access schedules for one or multiple family members.
Integrate with your Google or Apple calendars while keeping content private & secure.


Assign, accept and track activities to help families get things done.
Use tasking for to-do lists, appointments, reminders & anything else you need to keep your family organized.

Family News Channel

Share photos & updates securely in a news channel.
Keep family updates and photos off social media and share updates in a secure private channel.

What’s in your Vaultt?

Families and caregivers use Vaultt to securely store and share information with each other. Each Vaultt is completely customizable so you can decide what you store, where you store it and who has access to it.

Personal Information

Easy access to family birth dates, passport info, blood types & other personal information.

Banking Information

Store & share important banking and account information with members of your family.

Vehicle Information

Store VIN number, insurance info, repair & maintenance records for easy access.

Legal Documents

Securely store legal documents, agreements and other sensitive documents.

Childcare Information

Share important information with caregivers and babysitters.

Legacy Details

Access family wills, power of attorney and other important legacy information.

Business Documents

It’s not just for family information – keep and store your business documents securely as well.

Medical Information

Upload prescriptions, test results and other medical information for easy access anytime, anywhere.

Pet Information

Easy access to microchip information, vaccination records and veterinarian records.

Housing Information

Easy access to mortgage documents, insurance information and appliance warranties.

Investment Information

Store and track confidential investment information with dependents.


Never forget another password and keep shared account passwords secure.

Receipts & Warranties

Access your warranties and track receipts from anywhere.

Online Account Access

Securely share login details for all your online accounts.

Secure by Design

It’s more than accessible data, it’s about security & privacy.

Vaultt web and mobile apps are secure by design with true end-to-end encryption to protect users’ sensitive personal data. 

End-to-End Encryption

Data encryption & decryption occur on the user’s side and the server side meaning only the user and invited members can access the data.

Privacy & Security

This higher level of security assures total privacy and protection, exceeding the security of today’s standard banking mobile apps.

Hybrid Cryptography

Vaultt employs layered asymmetric and symmetric encryption – ensuring the ultimate in speed and data protection.

No Data Mining

The information in your Vaultt is completely secure. Not even Vaultt employees can access users’ data. No ads, no data mining.

Families come in all shapes and sizes.

Vaultt allows for easy and secure storage, access and sharing of important information for family members and caregivers.